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Brown Bag: Don't suck at negotiating (Everyday negoatiation skills for library employees)

Have you ever felt as if you never win a negotiation? Do you always concede concessions? You may not be aware but we negotiate daily in their jobs. These are the skills that you use in ways that you don’t even know you are doing it -- whether it’s time management, project staffing and planning, convincing colleagues to make a costly service upgrade, patron reference interviewing, dealing with vendors or budgeting. The object of a negotiation is not always to win, but to reach a point where both people can leave feeling that they have gotten something. Any planned and purposeful activity to arrive at an agreement is a negotiation.

We invite our colleagues who are interested in talking about and learning from their negotiation experiences to join us in this conversation.

Come prepared to get creative, and reconsider your ideas and strategies around communication.

Discussion Questions:

  • Talk briefly about your experiences negotiating in the library with other colleagues, administration, or constituents? What were some of the challenges or risks you made?
  • Tell us about your negotiating process.
  • What is one piece of advice that you can give to those new to negotiating mindfully or who would like to try it?
Wednesday, February 6, 2019
12:00pm - 1:00pm
Dimond Room 352
Dimond Library
  Brown Bag  

Event Organizer

Sarah Theimer
Hannah Hamalainen

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